Ready to Fly!

Hello everyone! With all her hard work, perseverance and creativity putting together her newly released album Mariposa, Jolanda is now ready to "fly". This independant artist will be putting on a Celebration of Love music tour across Alberta and B.C. starting the end of April and through the month of May(will keep you posted on venues/times...stay tuned). She firmly believes that we should be the voice for those whose voices need to be heard, and use our God given gifts to strengthen and empower one another. Jolanda hopes that her Celebration of Love tour will raise funds and awareness for this worthy charity, House of Hope. House of Hope is a home where young girls of India come and are welcomed, respected, and loved dearly. Everyone deserves food, clothing, shelter, and most of all.....Love. If you are interested in donating to this wonderful cause please feel free to email(under the Contact section) for further information.

Also, stay tuned for Jolanda's upcoming music video Mariposa!!! It's going to be epic!

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